Providence is a movement of young women who recognise their value, worth and potential to rise up and change their worlds. They are movers and shakers, with bold voices and inspired hearts.

The founder and leader of Providence, Karen, strongly believes all girls are worthy of knowing how beautiful, strong and loved they truly are. From its inception in 2005, Providence has created opportunities for young women to be encouraged and empowered in who they are. Providence has held 14 annual conferences which gathers girls all across South Australia to empower them to live in their full potential and encourage them in their worth. Karen and her team have continued to have a great impact on girls through counselling, sharing in schools, running leadership courses and caring for the community. Providence has had a powerful impact on thousands of lives and will continue to inspire the next generation!


Karen Vander Veen


Providence is a dream come true for me and I'm so glad to have you here along for the journey.
Now a bit about me! Besides my work in Providence, I am a school mentor, counsellor and pastor at a local church. More importantly, I am a wife, mother and friend. I love coffee, walks and seeing young women be encouraged, empowered and then equipped to change her world into a place where she can flourish and prosper. I started Providence in 2005 to create a space to do just that. My own experiences with eating disorders, self-harm, abuse and self-esteem issues fuel my passion to bring hope to others who are experiencing these types of things now. My vision for Providence in the future is to see it become a movement that positively impacts the next generations of young people who are willing to step up, speak out and make change. I hope to find you being a part of it!